Posted by: Thomas | June 27, 2008

New Delhi

We decided to spend this weekend in the capital city of India, New Delhi. Calcutta (which I am planning to visit sometimes in August) was the capital of India until the year 1911 during the British Raj. New Delhi is very cosmopolitan and I really liked it. My friend and I stayed at the Le Meridien hotel. Since all the executive suites were booked they upgraded us two levels up, to the Royal Suite, with no extra charge. Wow, you should have seen the suite. A huge bedroom with 180 degrees view, very big bathroom with all amenities one need, a huge living room, additional bathroom, two big flat screen TVs, lots of extra amenities and of course a complimentary bottle of red wine. Merlo from California, which is one of my favorites. Amazing. Just amazing. One of the best rooms I stayed at. The hotel itself was great. Well, everything one can expect from a 5-star hotel can be found at Le Meridien in New Delhi. Our Dutch friends stayed at another hotel close by.

We spend Friday exploring the city. Delhi is a very big and nice city. Since they were lots of people in Delhi we could easily blend in and nobody bothered us with questions or trying to sell things. That was nice. Our friend, whom we met in Goa earlier this year, lives here in Delhi and he promised to show us the city tomorrow. He took us to an Indian restaurant and the food was good. Much better than in Bangalore. After the dinner we went to a club. The club was open till 4:30am and we all had blast. We ordered a bottle of Vodka – it was cheaper that way. We danced, met some cool people and had an amazing time. Last time I saw my Dutch friends was in Nepal, Kathmandu. They are here for another two weeks before they go back to Holland. Their four months traveling through India is coming to its end.

Below are some pictures from the club. As you can see we all had a great time. It was about the time. We went back to the hotel around 4:00am since we wanted to get up early and spend most of the time in the city. And on Sunday we are planning to visit Agra, Taj Mahal. Yeah, finally. I can’t wait to see Taj Mahal. It is one of my top 5 things to see in life.


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