Posted by: Thomas | June 25, 2008

Flat Tire

My godson Melvin left today back home to Sweden. He had an amazing experience for the last two weeks. He liked different parts of India and he loved Dubai. He didn’t like Bangalore so much (I wonder why J). Well, not shocking at all. I still haven’t met a person who said he or she liked Bangalore. Even people in the office say they don’t like Bangalore because of the traffic and everything is so far away.

After taking him to the airport around 4am this morning I left directly to the office. Unfortunately on my way to work we experienced a flat tire. A foreign object (nail) somehow got into the tire. We (and by “we” I really mean my driver) changed the tire on the middle of the highway. I really didn’t have so much luck with this car. First a buss almost ran over the car, then another small accident and now the flat tire. Another long day in the office. It is getting busier and busier. Oh don’t you just love being busy sometimes? I do. And this is a very good time for me to just be busy and keep focus on my work.


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