Posted by: Thomas | June 21, 2008

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

I can’t believe that I eat at the one and only 7-star Hotel in the World, Burj Al Arab, Dubai. Burj Al Arab means Arab Tower and it is one and only 7-star Hotel in the World. It is not the most expensive one though. The one in Switzerland Alps is the most expensive one and one night over there costs about US$35,000 and at Burj Al Arab the most expensive night is US$15,000. However, the cheapest way to visit the hotel is to go there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. One has to make the reservation a few days in advance. Also, they have a very strict dress code. It is semi-formal (no jeans, no flip flops, no shirts J). Since we all forgot our formal clothes we had to do some chopping. Where else but at the best shopping mall in the World, the Mall of Emirates. I had to buy new shoes, new business pants, new shirt, new belt, and new socks. Yeah, it cost me a few hundreds but I love shopping. When we all got what we needed and we all spend a few hundred just for one night dinner, we went back to the hotel to change and get ready for the experience of the lifetime.


Also, earlier today we went to a water park, which is located next to the Burj Al Arab hotel. The water park was great. We experienced lots of fun stuff. Also, this is the only water park I have been at that had waterslides that water pushes you up and then down and then up again. Usually it is only down. We also tried the fastest slide (90 km/h) – yeah, it was really fast.


Anyway, we wanted to book the Burj Al Arab hotel’s pick up, which is in white Rolls Royce car, but it was little too much, so we just booked an ordinary limousine. It is very strict to enter the hotel. We had to show them the fax with the reservation that we received a few days ago. The hotel was amazing. Everything was in gold. Everything you touch was gold or some kind of expensive stone. Everything was in gold, emirates, smaragds and diamonds. The door-hand was of gold. The lamps were made of Swarovski crystals. Wow, yeah, just wow.

The hotel has about 125 duplex suites. Yes, all rooms are duplex suites and every single room has its own butler. Next time I come to Dubai I will stay at Burj Al Arab, at least the first night, since they send you the white Rolls Royce to pick you up – for free. J We spent about 35 minutes in the hotel to look around before we went to the Seafood restaurant, which is located under the sea. Below are some pictures taken at the hotel and the seafood restaurant.

Both the food and the ambience were great. It was little bit expensive but you only live once. We paid about US$1,000 for food for three people – yeah just food no drinks. We only had one bottle of whine, which was about US$120. I had a lobster soup, which costs about US$80, then the starters, main dish and the desert. After each course they served something small to try. As the main dish I had a Norwegian Halibut fish, which was prepared great – well it cost me US$200 so it better be good. J After 2 hours of eating in an amazing restaurant under the sea at Burj Al Arab hotel we went to our hotel. The night was great and it was worth spending thousands of US dollars on the cloths to get into the hotel and for the food. An experience for a life time.



  1. Hello Thomas. How are you?

    Glad to see you had a wonderful time at this hotel.

    Just one thing though. In your article you wrote “It is semi-formal (no jeans, no flip flops, no shirts.”), yet you are clearly wearing a shirt in the photos.

    Did you mean that you have to wear a shirt. Or maybe you meant shorts!

    Take care,

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