Posted by: Thomas | June 19, 2008

Unforgettable Dubai Experience

We woke up around 5:00am today. I guess we all were so excited about discovering this amazing city so we could not sleep. The breakfast was great. Well, it just cost US$100 dollars for 3 people. The first thing we did today was to take a guided city tour. That was a great experience. We saw most of the things, and the tour was unique. It is a very good thing actually to take the guided organized city tour if you are visiting Dubai for the first time. We saw both parts of Dubai; Deira and Bur Dubai, which is just across the Dubai Creek, which is 15 km long and it was hand made. Yeah, pretty amazing.

It was so fascinating to see this amazing city of Dubai where modern buildings tower over historical monuments and traditional dwelling. As our guide said today: “Dubai transformed from Camel to Cadillac in just 20 years”. The route took us also to the Jumeirach Beach and Burj Al Arab Hotel, which is the award winning hotel that combines fascinating architecture with the rich culture of the Middle East. The only 7 star hotel in the world. The rooms are all duplex suites and they range from US$2,000 to US$15,000 a night. Slight over my budget at the moment. The beach was very nice and the water (Arab See) was very warm and clear. I loved the see and the color of it. The sand is very white and very nice.  

The shopping Mall of Emirates was extremely big. In the shopping mall there were over 480 shops, over 30 restaurants, a 5 star hotel and the biggest indoor ski resort in the World. Amazing. Just amazing. I could spend, not hours, but days and weeks just in the mall without being board. Well, of course I would be broke, but never bored. We did some shopping since they had sale of 40% and more. I got myself some Dolce & Gabbana shirts, and souvenirs. Since neither my friend nor I have ever done any snowboarding, we decided to go for one hour Snowboarding Discovery Lesson. My 17 years young Godson is great in snowboarding so he went directly to the highest hill. I had so much fun in the snow. I didn’t fell at all, and I was proud of myself.

Today we also visited Gold Soak – a place where gold worth trillions of dollars is displayed with no security. Dubai is a very safe place. It has only 1.5% crime rate and I haven’t seen any police cars or securities. A person who sells gold told us today an amazing story. Apparently a week ago there was a diamond merchant from China and he forgot one of his small diamond bags in the taxi. When he reached the shop to sell the diamonds he realized that one of his small bags was missing. He went to the police station and there he found the taxi driver who also went to the police station to leave the bag. The diamond merchant was shocked of course, and he thanked him and gave him US$3,000 for being honest. The Sheik – the ruler of Dubai – heard the story and personally thanked the taxi driver and gave him an Award for being very honest and that all people should be like that. Also, he gave him US$30,000 as a thank you for being a good citizen. Amazing.

Where can you swim in warm see or ocean and do skiing at the same day? OK, in Hawaii, but this is indoor skiing, which makes it little different. 48 degrees Celsius outside and -4 degrees Celsius inside the ski Dubai resort. I had an unforgettable experience today. Today, we also stopped at some bazaars to do some shopping, we took a small boat over the creek, visited 200 years old museum, I even bought hand made table cover, which was made of silk (and it took 4 months to make), we were on the beach, eat good food, saw the tallest building in the World (about 800 meters – 165 floors) Burj Dubai, saw 7-star hotel Burj Al Dubai (which means Tower of Dubai), did some indoor snowboarding, did some shopping, saw man-made islands in shape of a palm tree, saw man-made islands in shape of all countries in the World (The World), experienced so many different things in one and the same day. Amazing. I really like Dubai. It is hot and I love heat. Below are some pictures taken today.  



  1. Loved your information. Any do you know of any good dubai holiday guides as well. We are looking to travel there in January ’09.

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