Posted by: Thomas | June 18, 2008

Bangalore – Bahrain – Dubai

Today we flow to Dubai via Bahrain. The flight was about 4 hours to Bahrain from Bangalore. When we landed in Bahrain we ordered a donut and a soda and had to pay 3 Bahrain Dinar, which was about US$12. Yeah, pretty expensive. One British guy apparently didn’t know what the exchange rate was and thought that the English pound was stronger than Bahrain Dinar (hm) and took out BHD 500 Bahrain Dinars, which was about 1,000 English pounds. When we told him how much it was he was shocked. You should have seen the expression on his face. That was priceless. He was traveling from India and assumed that they had similar currency. What an idiot.

Then we continued our journey towards Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). I was so excited since this is the first time ever for me to travel to Middle East. The flight to Dubai from Bahrain was only one hour. The Sheraton Deira hotel was located very close to the airport. Unfortunately the hotel was only a 4 star hotel; although it said on the webpage where we booked the hotel that it was a 5 start hotel. Since we are platinum members we got free upgrade to an Executive Club Suite. The room was very big and the bathroom was extremely huge. I loved the room and the hotel was very nice after all.


The first day we didn’t do so much, we just went to Deira part of Dubai, walked around in 104 degrees Fahrenheit and went to a small shopping mall that had around 200 shops. Yeah, that was a small one. J The weather was little bad so the whole city was dusty. Well, not that strange since the city is in the desert. My Godson Melvin and I got lost little bit and we were not able to get a taxi so we walked. We walked on the middle of the highway in 104 degrees. Two Swedes were wondering around like those wondering cows in India. It was impossible to catch a cab. After about 1 hour and 30 minutes we finally got a taxi. The taxi ride took 2 minutes to the hotel, which meant that we were on the right direction after all. I am so excited to be in Dubai. Yeah. J


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