Posted by: Thomas | June 14, 2008

Bandipur National Park, India

My Godson and I went for a road trip this weekend. First we went to Bandipur National Park, which is located about 200 km from Bangalore. The ride took little over 4 hours and we stopped only once to get something to eat. Both the roads and traffic were bad, but the experience was great. We saw many different things, villages, people, beautiful nature, different conditions of living, animals, etc. When we arrived it started to rain and they told us that the safari was cancelled. During the monsoon season everything is unpredictable. The rain stopped within 10 minutes and the sun came out. We stayed there for a while playing with monkeys. We bought some peanuts and gave to the monkeys. They were so cute and very smart. My Godson had one peanut in his right hand and he put the bag with the rest of peanuts in his pocket. One of the monkeys saw that and he pretended to reach for the right hand to take that one peanut but then very fast and smart took the entire bag of peanuts.

I sat down next to a monkey and start feeding him. He was so nice and was taking peanuts one by one. Then I kind a hold tight in a peanut and didn’t want to give him immediately. He looked at me with a surprise face and slapped me. That was hilarious. You can see the slap on the video below.

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I love monkeys they are so nice and funny animals. We eat lunch at the national park of Bandipur and in the mean time the weather cleared and it was very sunny and hot. The safari was on after all. We took the safari buss at about 4:00pm and it was for an hour. We saw lots of dears and elephants, but we could not see any lions or tigers. But the safari was nice. There are some pictures below.

After the safari we went to Mysore. We arrived at night and we went to see the Royal Palace of Mysore, which was lighted and looked amazing. The hotel we stayed on was nice. A good day today and lots of the time today we spent on the road in a car. We sang in the car. We played some music using Indian instruments that we both earlier. We had fun, but I am not sure if our driver had that much fun listening on us being crazy and misbehaving in the car. J I was like a kid again. You know, someone once told me to grow up but to never loose a kid inside of me, and that’s exactly how I am. I have grown up and matured and experienced lots in my life in a very early stage but I will never loose a kid inside of me.



  1. oh no he didn’t! haha.

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