Posted by: Thomas | June 11, 2008

Visit from Sweden from my Godson

I am so excited. My Godson, my dear Melvin, came all the way from Sweden to visit me. He is only 17 years young and our birthdays are on the same day (well obviously not the same year). First I had a conference call between 1:00am till 3:00am, and then I left to the airport to pick him up. The flight was little delayed so we got home at 6:00am and I left straight to work. No sleep for me at all – all night and all day. Nothing new or unusual for me though. I worked till 3pm today and then Melvin and I went to the city for some shopping, eat dinner and I got my bi-weekly photo facial. I also managed to go to the dentist today. When we got home around 11pm I was really exhausted and went to bed immediately. He was little jetlagged and stayed up till 4am.

He is staying with me for 2 weeks and this weekend we are planning to go to Mysore and some national park to see the tigers and lions. Apparently it is one of the best national parks in India and is located about 200 km from Bangalore. Next weekend we are going to Dubai. Yeah, I am very excited and I can’t wait. Also, a friend of mine is coming next Wednesday for visit for a couple of weeks. Yeah it is going to be a full house.


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