Posted by: Thomas | June 10, 2008

Birthday Surprise

Today the people in the office here in Bangalore, India had a birthday surprise for me. It was unexpected and a very nice surprise. I can’t remember when somebody arranged a birthday surprise party for me. They sent me an e-mail that I needed to be at the terrace on the 2nd floor at 3:00pm. When I got there every single member of the team (23 in total) were there and when they saw me they started singing Happy Birthday song for me. It was very nice and kind of them. They had a birthday cake and everything. On the cake it was written “Happy Birthday Thomas”. I was really touched. Since it was Sangeetha’s birthday too, which is another colleague of mine, they also had the same thing for her. It was really nice and we both appreciated it very much.

Apparently the tradition is that somebody takes a peace of the cake and puts it all over the birthday person’s face. J Yeah, right, I believe in that tradition. J Nice try. But, really, they said that a small peace of the cake has to be put on my forehead (just a little dot). Ok, I allowed that. Then the guy start putting the cake all over my face.

It was very funny actually and I got some pictures from the birthday surprise party in the office. Some of the members sang some Indian songs, some members danced, and we all had lots of fun actually. They asked me of course how young I was and how many candles they needed for the cake. Of course I told them my “real age”, which is according to and they didn’t believe it. Oh, the number is 27 still. However, they had a game in guessing my age and only two guessed it right. One guy said I was 37 years old, and I immediately told him that he would be replaced.


The day was very nice and full of fun actually both in the office and outside. I went to the spa at the Leela Palace Hotel to relax and recharge my batteries for tomorrow.


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