Posted by: Thomas | June 8, 2008

Tina Turner

Yeah, my favorite of all favorites is performing live in concert once again. I am so excited and I cannot wait to see Tina Turner live again. Yeah. The last time I saw Tina Turner live in concert was on her “One Last Time Tour 2000” in Cologne, Germany. I was not that close to the stage in Germany so a week later I flew to Stockholm, Sweden then I took an overnight buss across the country to Gothenburg to see her again. This time I waited 6 hours in front of the stadium and I was first in line. That experience was amazing and I will always remember it. My favorite singer, songwriter, dancer and actress, Tina Turner, was just a few feet from me and the concert was fantastic. When she was performing “24/7” song she came down from the stage and stopped right in front of me and I sang in the microphone and we shake hands. I wanted to die right then and there. Below are some pictures from that concert.

I have been at many concerts but the Tina Turner concert was by far the best concert ever. I have seen live in concert Michael Jackson, Shakira, Kyle Minogue, Cher (3 times), Janet Jackson, Aventura, Celine Dion, Eros Ramazzotti, Cyndi Lauper, Gloria Estefan, and some others.

Anyway, today I got Platinum tickets for Eight-time Grammy Award winner and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Tina Turner, who is making her long-awaited return to arenas. The tickets I got were for Tina Turner live in concert in Chicago, which takes place on October 4th, 2008. Main Floor, Middle Section and row 3. Oh, yeah. I am so excited. Yes, I had to pay US$1,000 per ticket, plus airfare, hotel, etc., but hey, you live only once and Tina Turner is 69 years young. I hope I will have so much energy like she has when I get 70. I really want to see her again.

So the first concert I will see her in is in Chicago, then I will see her later the same month in either Los Angeles or Miami or both. I haven’t decided yet. Also, I want to see her in November in Boston, then next year in Germany, UK and France. Yeah, it will be lots of travelling and money spending but you live only once and there is only one Tina. There is only one true diva and one Queen of Rock. She is the Queen.


To get tickets and for more information please go to


Today I wanted to go to the swimming pool but again they asked me to fill some forms and provide them with photos. I have already filled 2 forms, gave them 4 photos and provided them with more information that they need like 2 months ago. Just to enter the bloody pool here in Bangalore, India, you need to file an application and fill forms. It is just like applying for citizenship. It has started again. Of course I complained because I don’t want to do the same process all over again. Then I went to a spa to relax. Oh, Lord of Mercy, here we go again. I thought all my troubles with forms here in India were over last month, but I guess that was just a beginning. Welcome to India.



  1. I am a huge Tina Turner fan and if i had the money I would have gone to all her shows. I look up to you as a Tina Turner. I saw Tina Turner in Minneapolis in October 9, 09 and in Dallas, Tx on October 26, 09. I spent $680 per ticket and every penney was worth the ticket. I took so many pictures because I always want to have them as a memory of the best day of my life. Im so jelous that you got to sing in her microphone for her 24/7 tour. I would have cried if I got to sing on it ha ha ha. Well its always nice to talk to a Tina Fan : )

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