Posted by: Thomas | June 4, 2008

New York – Bangalore

I woke up at around 11:30am, had lunch, went to the city to get something from Kenneth Cole store, packed and went to the airport at 2:30pm to catch a flight to Bangalore. Yeah, I packed today and it took my only like half an hour. I think I got everything. Ticket, money, passport. The flight from New York to Frankfurt took about 7 hours. A little overlay of 4 hours in Frankfurt and then I took the connection flight to Bangalore. I watched movies and slept for the most of the time. The flight from Frankfurt to Bangalore took about 8 hours. All together took about 20 hours. They built a totally new airport in Bangalore, which is much better and nicer than the old one. This one is cleaner and it doesn’t smell. Unfortunately, it is located about 55 kilometers from Bangalore. Luckily we arrived around 12:15am so the traffic was not that bad in the middle of the night. It took us only 1 hour to get to the apartment I am staying at in Bangalore. Yeah, I kept the same driver, which is good since I am used to him. Yeah, here I am. In Bangalore. Hm, no comments. Even though i left on June 4th, with 20 hours of travelling and the time difference I arrived in Bangalore at 12:15am on June 6th.



  1. cool and interesting…

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