Posted by: Thomas | June 2, 2008

Another Day

Originally my ticket to India is on June 4th; however I am trying to change it to take an earlier flight. So far I was unsuccessful since the connection flights were fully booked. I wanted to travel earlier because the sooner I go the faster I get back to New York. I was on stand by but it didn’t go through today either. Well, they wanted extra US$500 for me to pay and I would travel economy. Oh, no. I’ll wait another day.


Anyway, in the evening Sofien, his lovely wife and I went for some drinks at Local and then to a great Spanish, Latin American, Tapas restaurant called “Pipas y mas”, which is located on 19th street between Broadway and Park. It is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. They had live music, flamenco. The girl who danced flamenco was excellent. The food was great. We also did some wine tasking and I learned more about wine. My friends are from Paris and they knew great deal about wine.


They are staying actually here in New York for about 7 weeks. Oh, yeah that’s right, 7 weeks, that’s how much vacation you get in France. Also, today I learned that France passed a law to have only 35 hour working week instead of 40 hours. Since this law took place the demand for hotel rooms on Fridays has increased. Apparently, more and more people are booking rooms for only a couple of hours on Fridays. Here in the US we have Happy Hour between 5pm and 7pm, and I guess in France they have “Mistress Hour” instead. J I like the concept.


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