Posted by: Thomas | June 1, 2008

Friend from Paris

What a nice and lovely surprise. Sitting at home in my apartment in New York City, resting and watching some TV show when my phone rang showing “unknown number” on the display. Usually I don’t answer if it is unknown number, but this time I did answer of some strange reason, and I was very happy to have picked up the phone. It was one of my good friends from Paris. His name is Sofien. Sofien and I actually worked together in Dusseldorf, Germany for one year for the same company and we were working on the same project. Then we both moved to Frankfurt, Germany where he stayed only for a few months and I happened to stay for another 4 years on the same project. Anyway, we used to hang out and party a lot while in Germany. The only day we didn’t go out was on Tuesdays. I really don’t know why we didn’t go out on Tuesdays, but I guess we needed one day in a week to rest and recharge our batteries.


Anyhow, he and his wife arrived in New York today and wanted to meet for dinner. We went to some nice Puerto Rican restaurant in Hells Kitchen. It was so good to meet my friend Sofien and his wife (I never met her before and she was a very nice person – lucky him). We talked about everything and of course about old good times in Germany when we were younger, much younger than today. J It was so nice to talk to him about those wonderful days and bring back lots of good memories.


After the dinner they went home, since she is pregnant and needed some rest and my dear friend travelled all day today so he was little exhausted himself. However, I think he got older (just don’t tell him that). I on the other hand went dancing with some of my friends from New York. Since I was going out every single night for the last few weeks I could not stay long tonight. I got home around 4:00am. I just love dancing and going out on Sundays.


Oh, I almost forgot. Earlier today I saw “Sex and the City” the movie. Excellent movie, especially if you liked the TV show “Sex and the City”. I loved the movie. Samantha, of course, is my favorite character.


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