Posted by: Thomas | May 25, 2008

Sunday Parties are the best

Since I slept until 4pm today, well, majority of the day, I didn’t have so much time to go and do stuff in the city, like shopping (which saved me a few bucks). Some friends came over for dinner and drinks before we went out to explore the night life of New York. I didn’t cook, we just ordered some food. I am kind a back in business. I haven’t been partying for a long time, since there are not so many clubs in India, and I am going there pretty soon again, I want to take every opportunity now here in New York and see different parties and meet some interesting people.


The club was packed and the line was extremely long. Unfortunately the girl I knew through one of my friends was not working tonight so we couldn’t get in like VIPs and cut the line. I hate standing in lines, so we went to some bars first. There I met some people, we talked and laughed and had a good time. Around 2am we went back to the club and the line was little smaller. It took us about 15 minutes to get in. Inside of the club was a hot mess. Lots of people all over the place. The music was very good and I got home early again. It was about 6am when I got home. Yeah, that’s early enough. I am just having fun and enjoying my birthday. Usually my birthday celebration goes for a whole week, and this birthday was really good and I had lots of fun. Well, life is to short for drama.


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