Posted by: Thomas | May 23, 2008


Today was my birthday and I celebrated my anniversary with great friends. Gaby, Sean, Charlotte, Christian and Chris came over for my birthday dinner and we had a great time talking, drinking wine and French Martini, listening to some music and just having fun. Below are some pictures.


Lots of people called me to congratulate me. Although it happens every day and it’s just a number that increases every year by one, it is still always nice to talk to your friends and celebrate with them and to get reminded that you have become more experienced. Experience is something that you really can’t buy with money. So I am looking at it from the bright side. Now, some people might say: “What bright side?”, and I really don’t know, but it’s just an expression.


Well, in my case I am still on number 27 and have been 27 years young for a few years now. Since the birthday is just a number, I might as well keep 27 as my number. And I also have consulted with the and they told me I was 27 years young. Go and figure. Anyway, I had blast today and I consider myself a very lucky young man.


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