Posted by: Thomas | May 11, 2008

What is life?

What is life? This might sound like a strange question to you and of course we all know what is meant by word life, but still I am just wondering what life really is and how we define it. This question, to be honest, just popped in my head today out of nowhere. I am not talking about life on other planes or life that scientists create in their labs, bur rather what the day-to-day life is that we live and experience every single day. Every now and then I hear “Oh, That’s life”. Well, I personally use that phrase very often, especially during my time in India, just to make me calm. So, what do we exactly mean by that? I guess everything and anything. Let me think more about this and I will get back to you. But for now I will leave you with the following quote:

“Life is nothing more than a test, the hardest test that anyone can ever take. There is no studying or knowing the next question. Each question gets harder, but we must pass, we must push to the limit, if even sometimes on faith alone.”



  1. Hi guy, I agree with you when you talk about all these quiestions…life is not easy to live as people says! pretty cool this your page…I like all commentaries post here. I am from Brazil…have you ever been before? see you soon!

    • Yeah, That’s Life 🙂 Yes, I was in Rio de Janeiro and I loved it. It was one of my dreams to come true. Thanks so much for the comment.

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