Posted by: Thomas | May 10, 2008

Woke up in New York City

I woke up in the greatest city in the world, New York City. But the breakfast was not prepared and served on the table. Oh yeah, that was Bangalore, India, where I got my breakfast served every morning. Anyway, Here I have to prepare my own breakfast. Well, not exactly, I went to the restaurant just down the road and had amazing breakfast. Afterwards I went to my dentist for regular 6 month cleaning and check up. All was good, so another check up in 6 months. I made some errands in the city and got home pretty exhausted today. And no, I did not have my driver here. I had to take subway. I almost forgot the feeling of taking a subway.

And I had a steak today. Oh, what a taste. It is very nice to be home. It feels just good. As the saying goes: “Away good, but home best”. Even though I was exhausted I went out tonight. I went out at 1am. Oh, yeah, finally. Being in India for over a month I totally forgot how it felt to go out at 1am and come back home the next day when the sun is up. I met with some friends and we went to some clubs. We danced like never before and of course we had some drinks. After the club around 6am we got something to eat; fish and chips. We actually drove all the way up to Washington Heights to street number 207. I didn’t even know the street numbers went so high. At first I thought we were driving to Canada, at least it felt like it, but then I heard loud Latin music on the streets and from the cars, so I figured we were in Dominican neighborhood. It felt very good to be back home in New York. I love New York City.


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