Posted by: Thomas | May 9, 2008

Bangalore – New York

Everything came so fast and quickly. I was at work, busy with my work, got home and didn’t even plan flying the same night, but then I didn’t have so many options, so I had to take the flight this morning at 2am. The flight to Frankfurt, Germany was good. I slept through the entire flight. It was overnight flight and it took just over 8 hours. I love those kinds of flights. Unfortunately, I could not stay in Frankfurt today, but I will probably be back in Frankfurt sometime next week to take care of some business. All the flights to the States were fully overbooked. I had to take the flight, which also was overbooked, to Washington Dulles. The flight took almost 9 hours. In Washington I didn’t have so much time to spend. I rushed to the Union Station from the Dulles airport to catch Express train to New York City. After over 25 hours of travelling I finally made it to New York City. Little tired but not that bad. I am going to stay in New York for a couple of weeks and work from New York office for a while. Then I will return to India for another few months to complete my assignment. This is kind a mid-assignment trip home for me. It is nice to be back. The first thing I am going to do tomorrow is to have a steak for lunch. Now off to bed.


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