Posted by: Thomas | May 8, 2008

Emergency Flight to New York

This morning I have received some excellent news and I need to go back to New York to take care of some business. After a very tough day at work and a couple of hours on the phone with the travelling agent to change my flight, I had to leave on Friday morning. The only flight from Bangalore to Frankfurt on Lufthansa is at 2am each day, and then I would take a connection flight to the States from Frankfurt, Germany. However, I was on the phone at 8pm with the travelling agent and had to leave to the airport at 11pm. I had only a few hours to pack, shower, and get ready for the long journey. It takes about 9 hours to get to Frankfurt and then another 8 hours to New York.


Even though I had to make a stop in Frankfurt to take care of some personal business I couldn’t. It was not allowed on my ticket, unless I wanted to re-issue a completely another new ticket, which I could not afford. So, I have to come back to Europe next week to take care of some additional business. Anyway, since all flights were totally overbooked and soled out they put me on a flight to Washington, D.C. instead to New York. I took the chance and I will fly to Washington. Then I am planning to take a train from Washington to New York City.


Well, I don’t have so much time to write. I have to go and pack. I will write more about the 25 hours journey tomorrow. Till then, have a wonderful day.


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