Posted by: Thomas | May 7, 2008

Challenges while living in Bangalore

Life in India overall is definitely not easy. The biggest challenge for me is the food. Even though many people and articles talk about great food in India and different spices, I still have trouble finding food that I like. When you are a visitor in India for a few days or a week then you will have great time and you will certainly enjoy the food that Indian restaurants have to offer; however, if you are here for a few months or more, then it will be little bit more difficult and different. All the expatriates I have met so far share the same opinion and experiences. The first 6 months are the most difficult ones (I have heard – I have been only month and a half here and this time so far is definitely difficult).


First the cultural shock. I think I am getting over it now. I have gotten used to it. Second, it is the food. I have found a few good restaurants that I visit every other day or so, but still they contain some spices that make my stomach upset. I am a meet lover and I eat steak for breakfast. Here in India I still haven’t found a good stake. I only tried a few different restaurants that serve steaks, and they didn’t know how to prepare it. So I have given up on eating meet here. Can’t wait to get back to New York and to eat file mignon.


Anyway, another thing that is challenging here in Bangalore is to get something done. No matter what has to be done, it will take you at minimum 5 times more time to get it done than what it should take. It is very frustrating and with some time you just get over it and you know what to expect next time. It is not the most efficient way of living or doing business, but that is the way it is done here in India and it takes some time to change it, if even possible to change. Everyone, including the local people in Bangalore admits it, and still they are doing the same old “slow” way. I am more of a “get things done now” type of a guy. Why wait for tomorrow?


Going out and having some fun like dancing and having a drink is almost impossible. There are clubs, don’t get me wrong, but they close at 11pm and the bartenders don’t know how to mix drinks. Some of the clubs play good music but the people on the dance floor don’t know how to dance. It’s like a war on the dance floor, especially if they had two drinks. J Also, everyone is facing a DJ, like in a theater. In addition every single person is smoking cigarettes, and when they dance they swing their arms all over the place. It is dangerous first of all, because they can burn you with the cigarettes. So you can’t really enjoy the dancing at all, and it only last for an hour anyway. I have given up on clubbing here too.


Yeah, I never thought I would give up on so many things in such a short period of time, but there is no other option. The only thing that makes me think positive and keeps me sane here is the travelling and different places I am going to visit.


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