Posted by: Thomas | May 6, 2008

Fashion in Bangalore

Fashion in Bangalore. I have been here over a month and I have been writing about many different things, but I haven’t mentioned so much about fashion here in Bangalore. So today’s topic is going to be “fashion in Bangalore” from my perspective. It is kind of funny (for me at least), but the hotter the weather it is the more clothes people are putting on. Women are wearing Indian saris, and men are wearing mostly black pants and business shirts. And both men and women wear sandals. No Jimmy Choo or Manolo Blahniks shoes thought. India‘s fashion heritage is rich in tradition and very vibrant in colors.


Someone told me the other day that Bangalore is also called “The Fashion Capital” in India. In fact it is believed (so I have heard) that fashion for the entire country takes its birth in Bangalore. Just for the record for the readers who don’t know me. I am kind of a guy who shops at 5th Avenue and Soho in New York and mostly wear European designers. Not because I am European or anything, it is just because I think European fashion is the best and somehow suits me very well (at least so I have heard and I like to think that way).


I have been dying to see my favorite designer store Giorgio Armani here in India, but no luck. Apparently there is one opening soon in New Delhi. It is just a relaxation for my eyes to see Gucci, Versace, Prada, Fendi, Valentino, and all others designers next to each other on 5th Avenue in New York City. You know what I am talking about, do you? You know, when you go shopping to Dolce & Gabbana for example and they give you water or you enter Armani and they know your name and tell you that they haven’t seen your for long time since last week and wondering if I left the city and then they give you glass of champagne, then you take a shopping break at Donald Trump’s building and refresh yourself with another glass of champagne and have a strawberry dipped in chocolate at Godiva stand, then you continue down to Prada, then Gucci and Versace, then another break for another drink at Rockefeller Plaza, maybe grab something to eat while you are there, like a light salad or a steak accompanied with a glass of champagne of course, then you continue your shopping to Salvatore Ferragamo and see what he has to offer. You know the feeling and procedure.


This reminds me about my shopping trips to Milan. Hm, now when I think about it, it has been a while back. I am planning to visit Italy in November for Thanksgiving to renew my cloths collection. Anyway, here in Bangalore you see Arrow Sterling, Bazaars, Prestige, Blossoms, Super Stitch, and some others. Anyway, I honestly have never heard for any of those, but still this city is a fashion capital of India.  


Hopefully Armani will make his way to India soon. I can’t find anything that I particularly like in Bangalore, but there are many stores and bazaars offering some things. So far I have only both a few business shirts and that was it. Anyway, the use of gold in Indian fashion is very common. Some gold ornament is usually worn against the skin at all times. Indian Gold ornaments are very popular because the metal is believed to have the power purify anything it touches. Apparently the ornaments of gold and other metals, often combined with precious and semi-precious gems and beads, are very popular with both men and women in India. Traditionally, Indian ornaments had economic significance for women. The ornaments given to a woman at her wedding constituted a daughter’s inheritance from her father. Basically, a bride’s ornaments were financial security throughout her life.



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