Posted by: Thomas | May 4, 2008

Kathmandu – Bangalore

Every single tale has its end and every end is a new beginning. This morning we left to the city of Kathmandu to say goodbye to our friends from Holland. They are staying a few more weeks in Nepal and then we are going to meet them in Mumbai and Delhi in India in June. One of the guys went to a temple to study meditation or silence or something I can’t really recall what exactly. In any case, he will spend two weeks at the temple somewhere in Nepal and he is not allowed to talk at all during that time. He is also not allowed to communicate with the rest of the world, so we really don’t know yet how it is over there and if he likes it or not. Since we haven’t heard from him for a while we are assuming he is OK and having fun, otherwise he would call us to get him out. We’ll see what happens in a week when he finishes his course.


Anyway, we flew back to Bangalore, India via Delhi. Due to the bad weather our flight to Bangalore was delayed by 3 hours. First we had to spend 3 hours in Delhi to get from International terminal to the domestic terminal and on top of that we had to wait another 3 hours. Who ever you ask on the airport what’s happening, the answer was: “Welcome to India”. Yeah, total of 6 hours at the Delhi airport. The picture below shows how dust flies all over Delhi. No, it was nothing wrong with the camera. It is the wind that blows the dust. The dust was even inside of the airport. On top of that it was over 100 degrees hot. When I exit the aircraft I thought it was heat from the engine but no, it was the real heat in the air from the sun.

Delhi in dust

Even though we had to go through this drama at the airport I was thinking of Nepal and the priceless memories that I have experienced on this trip. Even though I was at the airport for hours, tired and hungry, I still had the smile on my face and recalling all of the good things that happened in Nepal. Basically I took the time to experience it once again looking at the pictures.

The beautiful pictures of majestic Himalayas and Mount Everest are priceless. Al of those bazaars and shops in Kathmandu (oh, I love that name … Kathmandu), anyway, temples and monkeys running around the temples, people trying to make their living, wondering cows, narrow roads, crowded streets and buses, dust and pollution, people on top or buses, 30 people in a small 8 passenger vans, beautiful Himalayas that can take ones breath away, lots of adventure and river rafting, amazing scenery, nice people, and all of this is part of life and my memories now. I consider myself a very lucky young man who had this opportunity to experience all of this and much more.


Life is certainly not easy in these developing countries and I found Nepalese people very nice and friendly. Everyone from the immigration office at the airport, taxi drivers, hotel clerks, people on the streets of Kathmandu, people who live up in the mountains of Himalayas, everyone was nice and friendly.  

When I get back to New York I will definitely appreciate things much more that i sometimes take for granted. I will be more patient and definitely stress less. In New York we stress over stupid and silly things like when subway is delayed by 2 minutes. And what if it’s late by 2 minutes? Another will come in no time. There are people that have to walk for three days to get to their home, no transportation whatsoever. Well, just don’t stress; it is not good for anyone. First, you age faster and will look horrible when you get older (if you get old) and will not be able to look at yourself in the mirror and second you might die of hart attack or something and what good did you do. 

Anyway, the trip was excellent and I am really looking forward for my next one, and my well deserved vacation that is coming up.


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