Posted by: Thomas | May 2, 2008

Kathmandu, Nepal

After the Mount Everest and Himalayas from the Sky unforgettable and incredible experience we drove to Kathmandu city. We were looking for Monkey Temple, which is apparently the second holiest place in Nepal. On the street we met an older couple from Denmark. They helped us to find the place and we spend a few hours together with them. They are in early 60s and the lady has been living here in Nepal for about 5 years on and off. She is teaching people that live in Himalaya Mountains to read and write. The projects are sponsored by Danish government, and this group of people is doing some great and incredible work. We had a wonderful afternoon together and I have learned so much about Nepal and Buddha religion. This lady could speak Nepalese and it was so easy to get around with her help. She even convinced us to take a local bus and we did. That was a quite an experience. All people here in Nepal are so nice and friendly.


Also, today we witnessed a typical Nepalies funeral. Here the day of death is thought of as highly important. The monks were saying the prays and special verses to reach the dead person, while the other people were preparing the fire and gathering around. I have never seen something like this before so it was a real experience. It is believed that if the person was important or holy the body has to be in the open for about 40 days, so I have heard today. After this period the body is then cremated. If the person is not important or holy then the body is cremated after a few days. We didn’t stay to witness the entire ceremony, but we stayed there for a while.

After the late lunch we went to the city center and the area called Thamel. Thamel is a very touristic place with lots of bazaars and shops. Very crowded and lots of traffic. I have enclosed some pictures and a video from Kathmandu.


Even though Nepal is relatively inexpensive I managed to spend a few thousands dollars so I had to call my parents to see how they were doing. J

An excellent day, full of activities and memories for life.

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  1. completely jealous about the whole ‘mt everest etc…’ thing.

    and i found it hilarious that you called your parents to see how they were doing (hopefully it wasn’t collect). heheh.

    enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Hey Tom, thanks so much for sharing your story. Now it is bringing me nostalgia and have this strong urge to go back home for visit. 🙂

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