Posted by: Thomas | May 1, 2008

Arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal

On the airport in Bangalore, India we were checking in our bags to Kathmandu, Nepal and the check in clerk asked us if we would like to check in our bags all the way to Kathmandu. What a question? No, I want bags checked in to Vietnam. Anyway, the flight took a couple of hours to New Delhi and then only one hour and 10 minutes from Delhi to Kathmandu. The temperature in Kathmandu was great, about 84 degrees. We checked in to one of the best hotels in Nepal, Hyatt Regency Hotel. Hyatt Regency Hotel is apparently the only luxury 5 star hotel in Nepal. You can visit their webpage for more details clicking here.


At first the clerk in the hotel’s main reception could not find our names, but then after just a second he told us that we have Hyatt Regency Club Suit and that we have private check in on the hotel’s Club’s floor. He personally took us to the 6th Club floor. A very nice lady welcomed us and checked us in. We got a very nice room on the Club floor. Breakfast is included of course and also complimentary cocktails and snacks in the afternoon. For the Club Suite guests the spa, Jacuzzi and the gym was included too. Not bad at all. When you book you just need to pay a few dollars extra and you get so much more for your money. You have to treat yourself well, nobody else will.


Today we explored the hotel, went to the spa to relax in the evening, ate good food and booked some trips for the weekend. Tomorrow morning at 7:20am we are going to fly over Himalayas and Mt. Everest itself. Of course we booked private jet that takes only 10 passengers at maximum for one hour flight over Himalayas. Oh yeah, my dream is going to come true very soon. I am going to fly over Mount Everest, which is part of the Himalaya range in High Asia. I am so excited. You can’t come to Nepal and not to see Mt. Everest, which is the highest mountain on this beautiful planet we call Earth. It is 8,848 meters over the sea level or just over 29,000 feet. I hope the weather is going to be nice tomorrow morning so we can have an excellent and breathtaking view. Also, we booked a full day rafting trip for Saturday and some other hiking trips. This weekend will be full of activities. Our Dutch friends are arriving tomorrow.


Kathmandu is the capital and the largest city of Nepal. The city is situated in Kathmandu Valley that also contains two other cities – Patan and Bhaktapur. Nepali is the most widely spoken language. The city is inhabited by about 1 million people (nearly 4% of Nepal’s total population of about 26 million). Today we just saw a few streets of the city from the airport to the Hotel, but tomorrow we are going to explore the entire city and see what the city has to offer. Kathmandu is known as city of temples.


Interesting fact I learned today. Did you know that Nepal is the only country in the world where male has higher life expectancy? Apparently the life expectancy for male in Nepal is 58 years and for female 57 years.


Of course even here in Nepal the electricity goes on and off every five minutes and it is so irritating. Even in the 5 star hotel such as Hyatt the same is happening. But hey, that’s life. You get use to it very fast.


Just a little advice for all travelers to Nepal or India. If you experience any stomach problems or diarrhea take an antibiotic pill called Xifaxan. You can check more about this approved antibiotic clicking on the following link: Health NY Times.

As soon as you get stomach pain take 3 pills a day for 3 days and your problems will go away. I am taking those pills and they have helped me after just couple of pills, but don’t stop taking the pills. Keep taking the pills for the entire 3 day period. Yes, they are little bit expensive (US$5 per pill), but it is worth it and you should not take the chances. In addition to the pills I am also taking Pepto-Bismol, which helped me against upset stomach. No matter how careful you are you will experience stomach problems when you travel to developing countries, and it often comes from unsanitary food and water.  




  1. Hi Thomas, welcome to our beautiful country. Those snaps were awesome. Yeah, there are still hassels, I always encorage our felllow travel service providers to be more professional and some mishaps happen!!

    Well, now you are here, be prepaird for your mind to be blown away with diversity of views, people and land.

    Be safe and have a great trip!

    🙂 Ruben

  2. Thank you Ruben. I am really looking forward to explore Nepal and I am prepared 🙂

  3. Tom – you got me into a rhythm of checking your blog every day. Where is the posting? I was looking up Jimmy Choo’s and Christian Louboutin and of course thought of you – I need my Tom so at least I could live my designer life through you 🙂

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