Posted by: Thomas | April 28, 2008

Day #27 – India

Complement or Cash? Would you rather be told “You look beautiful today” or would you rather be handed money? This was a topic on AMC News Good Morning America, and the new study concluded that flattery can really get you everywhere.  

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So, if the compliments are free to give and they make one feel good, then why so many people have difficulties giving them? Both in private and business life people are struggling with giving complements. And it is so simple and easy. “Oh, Lindsey, you look beautiful today. Did you have a haircut or something?” or “Sven, the job that you did today was excellent. I was really impressed how you handled the client today.” Of course the compliments have to be sincere and honest. Nobody wants to hear a lie. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then please keep you mouth shut.


Why managers can’t compliment one’s work every now and then and make the employee feel important and good. A word of praise can do wonders for any employee’s motivation and spirit. Honest compliments are pleasant and can get you long ways. A compliment can be a very powerful communication tool. Anyway, that was just a thought of mine.


Make your compliments original. Don’t just say: “Great job” or “You are so beautiful”. Give compliments that you truly believe to be genuine and true, and be detailed about it.


I can live for two months on a good compliment.” – Mark Twain


Well, that might be the case for Mark Twain, but in my case; Show me the Cash. J


Guess where I went today? Yeah, I went to the commissioner office. Hm, wow, this bloody person really hates me of some reason. I can’t put my finger on what it is but earlier today I put my foot in cow shit (just speaking of something else). Anyway, I wanted to just ignore the registration, but apparently I have to register, so I went again today and I was hoping that everything would be fine, because last time I went he told me that all documents were OK, but he couldn’t help me then because he had to take his one hour break. Anyhow, today I waited for about half an hour, and when I got to his desk he took newspapers to read. I was like “What?”. Yeah, he took bloody paper to read and I was standing in front of his desk. I was calm and didn’t say anything. You have to be nice to these kinds of people until you get what you want, and then you can tell them what’s really on your mind. And trust me, right now you don’t want to hear what’s on my mind.


I put the deck of papers on his desk and after a while he took them and then he says: “You need to get the financial affidavit notarized.”, then he took newspaper back to read. Oh boy, you don’t want to hear how I felt and what was on my mind. However, I was really calm and nice, and I just asked him what exactly notary needs to do so I do it right. I just wanted to know what I am supposed to do. He screamed and yelled at me telling me not to waist his time and to go back to my own country. Oh, yes, he did. Wow, I did not expect that. I truly believe he has some vendetta against me. Another man tried to help me and explain what I needed to do, since I looked chocked, surprised and confused, but the commissioner told him not to help me.


I am so over this bloody everything. Writing this is not helping me at all, since I am experiencing this situation all over again. But I have to share my frustration with someone, whoever you are out there reading this blog and finding it very entertaining, funny and rolling on the floor with laughter. Well, I am glad that at least someone is entertained by this.


I called the office here in Bangalore and they said they will try to help me, but tomorrow is a new day and again I have to see that bloody person. You know, there is one thing to have stupid paper work and force people to follow it, but totally another to be very rude and arrogant person. He is probably not happy with his job, but that’s not my damn problem. I have problems on my own that I have to deal with. I am really not interested in his.


Right now I really would like to have a drink or just buy a bottle, but since I am in rehab I cannot. No, just kidding, I got myself a bottle of whisky for tonight.




  1. The commish is a piece of shit human being. I hope he steps in cow shit.

  2. OMG… I must appreciate you to keep standing there calm. Had I been in your place, I would have gotten into an argument and published this story in the newspaper…not a blog..but yeah, of course, he did wrong. Think of something to pay him back..

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