Posted by: Thomas | April 27, 2008

Day #26 – India

This is rehab for me. I feel like I am in rehab. Honestly, I feel like one of those rich bitches who go to rehab twice a year. I eat, I go to work, I eat, I go to the gym, I eat again, I watch some TV, I work a little more, then I swim a bit sometimes, I go to spas, getting massages, beauty treatments, relaxing, it is really like in a rehab. No clubbing for me (there are no clubs here, and those that exist here are not that good anyway and they don’t know how to mix drinks, so I rather relax). No stress and running every day to catch a subway. My driver is there to take me anywhere I desire. Although you spent hours in Bangalore traffic you don’t stress since everyone is relaxed and nobody is on time anyway. And of top of that there is not so much to do here really, so, yeah, it’s like a rehab.


In addition to my “Patience” song from Dreamgirls, this week I am adding “Rehab” song by Amy Winehouse to my favourite song collection of the week.


“ … They’re trying to make me go to rehab
I said no, no, no
Yes I been black,
but when I come back
You wont know, know, know.


I ain’t got the time,
And if my Daddy thinks I’m fine,
He’s tried to make me go to rehab,
I wont go, go, go. … “


Anyway, today at 5:30pm I had my beauty treatment appointment. It was very good. I cannot reveal any details except that it was little painful. Actually I got a clip of the procedure, but it is little scary to watch, so I didn’t include it. But if you insist I might. Just remember that even the most delicate flower needs water from time to time. We are precious and we shall treat ourselves as such.


Why are these beauty treatments necessary? Well, the answer is very simple. We all know that during the hot, sunny summer months our skin looses a lot of moisture. Dehydration is one of the reasons why it looks so dull and ugly, and you can see new lines. Here in India especially the sun is very strong. Today was around 95 degrees. Sun rays can damage DNA, the genetic material, of the skin cells deep in dermis layer. And of course, as a result, these cells become dysfunctional. They don’t produce collagen and elastin as they used to and as a result skins sags, shows lines and wrinkles. These damaged cells don’t renew properly and skin becomes thick, dull and sallow.


That’s why there are special beauty spas and salons to restore skins moisture balance and treat the damage. But of course, beautiful skill comes not only from the bottoms of cream jars and some beauty treatments, but also from a healthy diet rich in vitamins. In fact, no matter how sophisticated treatments we might apply, we won’t get high quality results without providing our skin with the vitamins and minerals vital for its function and youth from within. That’s why, after my beauty treatment today, I went to a supermarket to buy lots of different fruits and vegetables. 


Although I don’t like broccoli so much I had to buy it today, since broccoli is a very important vegetable for beauty diet as it contains a lot of essential vitamins for skin’s beauty and youth. It has Vitamin C and bioflavonoids (which is natural anti-oxidant free-radical scavengers) that together protect biomolecules in the dermis such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


Anyhow, enough of beauty and rehab for today. As Tom Porter says in his book “You’re Not Aging … You’re Just Oxidizing”.


I went for dinner to Pizza Hut on the most busies road in Bangalore (M.G. Road). The first item I order from their menu they didn’t have. I ordered second item again from the same menu that they gave me, and they didn’t have it either. I order third item and they didn’t have it. “What do you have?”, I asked. The response was: “We have everything sir.” So, tell me dear reader, how do you respond to that?

These are some pictures from busy M.G. Road in Bangalore taken tonight, and if you want to watch some honking then watch this video.

 Busy M.G. Road, Bangalore, India Busy M.G. Road, Bangalore, India 

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  1. considering you spent part of your post extolling the benefits of eating well and taking vitamins, i find it a bit interesting (or even ironic) you ended up eating at pizza hut for dinner…

  2. It’s ok. They didn’t have anything.

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