Posted by: Thomas | April 26, 2008

Day #25 – India

I was doing all right. I have not gossiped, lost my temper, been grumpy or I have not whined, cursed, complained, or eaten any chocolate. I haven’t even charged anything on my credit cards. But this, my dear readers, was before I got up this morning and as soon as I got out of my bed I really needed all help I could get.


First I visited some shopping malls, then with a few shopping bags later I went to a dental office to get some work done, then shopped some more, lost temper a few times and I ate lots of chocolate. At the end of the day I visited a spa to relax, de-compress and to get refreshed. After the treatment I felt relaxed, revitalized and rejuvenated. However, before the spa it was totally different story.


Today it was supposed to be a Salsa hour at the gym; however, since I was the only one who showed interest, the class was cancelled. And I was really looking forward to it, but no, I don’t think I will be able to express my self through dance over here. I am so disappointed. Oh, I am looking forward for my vacation in Brazil so bad, and soon, soon I will be dancing samba.


People are asking me why I am loosing my temper here sometimes. And I am telling them that I am very good and that I have learned how to be patient. Oh yeah, I have really improved. This is like rehab for me. Let’s take today for example (this happens every single day and this is my 25th day here in Bangalore, so you go and figure).


To buy a simple thing like a box of chocolate and a bottle of water it takes half an hour in Bangalore. First, the store clerk or cashier or whatever it’s called is doing everything else but what he is supposed to do. He took the box of chocolate and was trying to find the price on an item list in the system that has 10 million different items on it, which takes such a long time at the first place. No, they don’t have a scanning machine to just scan the item. Anyway, in the mean time, what really frustrates me, while he is searching on the computer to find the line for the item I am purchasing, he is talking to 10 different people, both other customers and his co-workers, and nothing is related to finalize my purchase. Since he is not focusing 100% on finding the correct prise for my chocolate he has to go up and down on that enormously long list of items, which is adding more time to complete the task. Finally he finds it, then instead of taking the water to scan, he goes away to help other customers. Then he gets back, holding my water in his left hand and browsing his so sophisticated list of items on the computer with his right hand, looking at his co-workers instead of the bloody screen and talking to 10 different people. Then he puts the bottle down and goes away again. On his way back another customers stops him and of course he was helping that customer instead of finishing with me. Oh, then finally after 30 minutes of this nonsense he tells me how much I have to pay and we finalize the transaction. Yeah, it took 30 minutes for me standing next to the cashier.


Lord of Mercy. I, on the other hand, am starting to loose it. Inside of me, there is something happening that wants to explode and erupt like an active volcano in Hawaii. I would like to scream and tell him a few things, but I can’t since he doesn’t understand bloody English. So there is no bloody point, but I can’t bloody hold myself any longer. I have to say or do something. I am just watching what’s happening and what he is doing. I am pulling my face and snapping my fingers to get his attention to hurry up and to be focusing on me instead of 10 other people. Why can’t they just take one customer at the time? Is that so difficult? I know it takes years to build a relationship and just one second to destroy it, and I know I shouldn’t have snapped my fingers at him and into his face, but I couldn’t hold myself. He really pushed my limits. He got the point after I snapped a few times and showed my mean face, and he did what he supposed to do, but it took 30 minutes just to buy simple chocolate and water. He wasn’t making the chocolate, was he?


The same is happening in the restaurants. You have to wait for hours to get your bill so you can bloody pay and leave. One would assume they would like to take your money as soon as possible and just get rid of you and start serving next customer. But no, here that’s not the case. You have to ask at minimum 5 times to get your check. Since this is my 25th day I have learned how to expedite the process. And this is a tip for all of you who are planning a trip to Bangalore.


As soon as I place my order I ask for the bill immediately. Of course, I don’t get the bill immediately, but when they serve my meal I kindly remind them to bring me the check. Of course, the check is not coming yet, so when they stop by to ask me if I need something else and how everything is, I ask them again. So, once I am done with the lunch or dinner I tell them once again that I would like to have the bill. Then at the end I have to snap my fingers at him and with my hand indicate that I would like to sign and get the bill. Then the bill comes. Also, I already have my credit card on the table so as soon as the waiter gets with the bill you give him the card, otherwise it will take another half an hour. This expedites the process and you can calmly leave the restaurants and don’t be upset. Otherwise, you would wait, doing absolutely nothing at the restaurant, for like another 30 to 40 minutes to get your bill.


And then people are asking me how I feel and why I am loosing it sometimes. Oh no, they didn’t. I am handling these situations very well and am very proud of myself and how I handle it. The best way is to laugh, which I do very often here. It is kind of a type of my rehab therapy. If you can’t make it better, then you can just laugh at it.


If I am going to be able to look back on something and laugh about it, then I might as well laugh about it now.




  1. welcome to India, mate 😀

  2. Just a rough guess but it seems to me that bloody may be your favourite word at the moment 😉

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