Posted by: Thomas | April 23, 2008

Day #22 – India

First, my personal chef was late with breakfast, so I had to skip it since I wanted to escape the traffic and leave early. Usually he gets at 6:45am, wakes me up and prepares some omelet for breakfast. Then my personal driver somehow forgot about me and was late to pick me up after work. Then my personal trainer was late for my training session. Not acceptable. But hey, I am actually very proud of myself because I am getting up early, actually very early in the mornings. Every morning I get up at 7am, eat breakfast and the driver picks me up at 7:30am. Then from the car I have a daily conference call at 7:30am – yeah, I am multitasking. I never though I would be in the office before Paul K.


Anyway, picture this. On my way back home I took a small nap in a backseat of the car. I had iPod on and listening to some Latin music. Usually the driver and I exchange only a few words each day since he doesn’t understand English so good and I am not talking his language. I just tell him when to pick me and where to take me. That’s all. So, that’s why I can take some naps and honestly I just don’t want to be bothered.


Anyway, so here I am, all relaxed, sitting in a car, my eyes are closed, taking a small nap, listening to nice relaxing music. After about 30 minutes of driving I realized that we were not moving so I woke up, opened my eyes and what I see is cows next to my window. I screamed so loud and so much, that my driver jumped from his seat and dropped his cell phone on the floor (yes, apparently he was talking while he was driving – very bad). I was actually in shock seeing cows (5 of them in total) so close to the car staring at me through the window, and the car was not moving (it was stuck in the traffic as usual). Just imagine cows staring at you a few inches from you through the window. That’s not what one would expect to see when in a car on a highway.


Oh, Lord of Mercy, I was so scared, and then I just started laughing. Wish you could have seen me. It was like in one of those Hitchcock movies, “Birds”, just in this case there were cows attacking.


Today there was a dinner at some hotel close to the office in celebration of moving to the new office. The president of the company D.M. and other VPs were there. Unfortunately, after my little scary incident today I didn’t want to go back and spend another few hours in traffic so I stayed at home watching movies. 



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