Posted by: Thomas | April 22, 2008

Day #21 – India

Tomorrow is the celebration at the office here in Bangalore. The office was visited by president of US and India (D.M.), our VP (L.O.) – she was working on our project in New York as part of the PMO team – and some other VPs. I had lunch with some of them today and it was very nice to meet all of these people. They are staying here until Friday. The world is so small.


I just remembered a song from Dreamgirls called “Patience”, and it is going to be my favorite song for the next couple of months. It goes like “…How long has it been?
How long will it be? When will come the morning to drive the night away? Tell me when will come the morning of a brighter day?”, and then the course “… Patience, Little Sister, Patience, Little Brother …”.


Life is so simple, it’s just not easy.


Bangalore Parlament


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