Posted by: Thomas | April 21, 2008

Day #20 – India

Today I got really sick. I had some Indian food last night in Bangalore and I spent the entire night and day at the bathroom. The stomach pain was pretty bad. Also, I got dizzy in my head and I was vomiting the entire day. I had to leave the office at noon because I really could not be there.

On the way home I stopped at the commissionaire office to finally register since I got all papers now (I believe). When I got there, all sick and could barely stand on my legs he tells me to come in one hour since he needed a break. I just wanted to take those 2 pounds of paper I was holding in my hand and through into his face. Well, I didn’t of course. I just left and will try again tomorrow.

This is ridiculous. I really have nothing better for me here in Bangalore but to try to register. This commissionaire guy will hunt me in my nightmares for the rest of my life, and I really don’t want to see him again.

Since today I felt really bad, I stayed at home. I haven’t felt so bad ever. Usually I don’t get sick that easy and I have no idea what happened. I could not eat the entire day. Right now I feel little bit better, but still not 100% recovered.

Oh, I went to buy a sandwich and a bottle of water for take-away and when the waiter gave me the bill to pay I asked him if he could bring me the water that I ordered like 10 minutes ago. Then he says: “You want water now, Sir?”. I was like, “No, I want it tomorrow afternoon at 5pm. Of course I want it now otherwise I wouldn’t order it.” I am just tired right now and hopefully I will stay sane when I return to New York.


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