Posted by: Thomas | April 20, 2008

Day #19 – India

After only a couple of hours of sleep we got up, had breakfast and went to the pool to enjoy last few hours here in Goa. Unfortunately we had to check out today and go back to Bangalore. Somehow, I really don’t know how, I fell asleep lying in a hammock that was connected between two palm trees and got sun burn. I had sun block on, but it didn’t help.

Lazy Lagoon All Suites Hotel 

I am definitely coming back to Goa again. On the airport I met a guy that currently lives in Bangalore but originally he was from Kuwait. We started chatting about travel (my favorite subject) and he said I should go to Kuwait in May for their Annual Camel Race. At first I thought he meant annual car race, but no, he really meant camel race. I had to hold my poker face straight and I was working very hard not to laugh. (I laughed of course). Hm, interesting sport. I really would love to see that. He just gave me an interesting idea for my next destination.

Back in Bangalore again. To do a simple thing here in Bangalore, like cross a street for example, it’s a big challenge and a skill itself. Oh, I love this traffic. I have nothing better to do but to stand in the middle of the road to try to get to the other side and watch when someone will run over me. Also, I found out that Karnataka state, where Bangalore is, is much stricter than Goa. It is not easy to rent a scooter, clubs are closing at 11pm, police officers everywhere, and in Goa the life seemed to be more relaxed. That was just my observation. Now it is off season in Goa and the monsoon season is about to start. Apparently it rains for 4 months. I heard that here in Bangalore rains only for a couple of weeks. Of that’s going to be so much fun.



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