Posted by: Thomas | April 19, 2008

Day #18 – India

My idea was to rent scooters for a day and drive around to explore the area. Everyone loved the idea and it was such a big success. In India people drive on the left side, however, since everyone is driving in all kind of directions, it really doesn’t matter on what side of the road you drive. The rule to remember is to honk as much as you can and not to follow the traffic rules. I think if just one would dare to follow the rules then major accidents would occur. J


We drove to the city, then to the beach. The Indian Ocean is so nice and very warm. Goa itself is very humid and hot. I thought if I wanted to cool down I would just jump in the ocean, but no, the ocean was warmer than the air.


The main draws of Goa are, of course, the beaches. Today Goa has one of India’s highest per-capita incomes. Goa has long been renowned among Western visitors as a party place where one can party all-night. The clubs today closed at 5:30am.


I have to say that I haven’t tasted better food in India so far. Every single restaurant that we went to served us with excellent food. I really loved it. I am really happy I chose Goa as my first Indian excursion. I have met so many people here. The Mambo club was great, and it was open till 5:30am. Oh, finally a club that can keep up with me.


Prior my trip to India I purchased two travel books about India; Lonely Planet and National Geographic. In those books the writers were advising to visit “real India”, so the below are some pictures from “real India”. I really had a good time.

Lady swimming in the river, Goa Somewhere in Goa, India Somewhere in Goa, India Elephant on the road Beaches in Goa, India I love the beach, Goa, India 

I really liked driving a scooter through Goa’s villages and meeting so many nice and friendly people. I really can’t wait to see more of India. My next destination is Himalayas, Nepal and its capital city Kathmandu.

 Honk Honk Honk Scooter, Goa



  1. I had the chance to see Mumbai; back in those they called Bombay or may be its the other way around. I didn’t do much travelling.

    Being a Nepali, I always appreciate having two highly populated nations one on my left hand and one on right! LOL!

    Welcome to Nepal and have a wonderful trip!!

    🙂 Ruben

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