Posted by: Thomas | April 18, 2008

Day #17 – India

I love Goa. :- ) After work we took a flight to Goa, which is only about 45 minutes flight from Bangalore. We flew Spice Jet and that was an experience itself. Babies were screaming and crying, people were walking while the aircraft was taxing, nobody was listening to flight attendants, a real mess. First thing I noticed when we arrived was that people don’t honk so much as in Bangalore.

Our hotel was a 4+ star hotel (pictures below) approximately 40 kilometers from the airport close to Baga beach. The ride in the no air-conditional taxi car took about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The hotel was fabulous. All suite hotel, so our room had two balconies; one that was facing the swimming pool and one the city.

Lazy Lagoon Sarovar All Suites Hotel Lazy Lagoon Sarovar All Suites Hotel Lazy Lagoon Sarovar All Suites Hotel

A couple of hours after our arrival our friends from Holland that we met in Bangalore a few weeks ago arrived as well. We had a nice dinner at one Italian restaurant and the food was excellent. After the dinner we went to the main strip on Baga beach to check out some clubs.

The clubs here open at 11:00pm and close at 4:00am. Finally, oh, I was so glad to hear that. We met so many tourists here from all over the world. Most tourists came from UK. We met some guys and girls from Australia, France, UK, Holland, Denmark, etc., and of course India. Oh, I really had so much fun. We went to two different clubs; Tito’s and Mango. I love when strangers come to me and tell me that I dance well. I was dancing with one of the Dutch girls and we rocked the place and burned the dance floor. J

Dancing on Baga Beach, Goa, India Mambo Club, Goa, India Club Mambo, Goa, India

The music was good, the atmosphere was great, the alcohol was cheap, no attitude, no drama, just having fun. To enter the club one had to pay US$20 per person if you are a guy, and couples pay only US$12 for both. Since we were so excited about finding a club that was open more after 11:30pm we didn’t care so we just paid whatever they asked us to pay. After spending about 2 hours at Tito’s we went to Mango. Yes, we had to pay another entrance fee, but the club was good and packed. The club was located on the beach itself. Yes, we closed the club at 4am and went back to the hotel. I haven’t so much fun for the last 3 weeks. Goa is my new getaway destination.



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