Posted by: Thomas | April 17, 2008

Day #16 – India

Today I received many different documents and signatures from the office and went to the commissioner office to get registered. Hm, it was not that easy as I thought. Every time I get there I find out I need something more.

First, he was not that friendly at all. Second he was talking to ten different people at the same time and everyone was confused, especially me since I did not understand one single word he said. Thank God again for my driver. He understood what I needed to do and he took me places.

First I needed to go to a bank to get some kind of stamp paper, which is some special kind of paper. I had to pay 40 rupees of course (US$1). However, when we got to the bank after 1 hour waiting in line the guy said that he couldn’t help me because he has to go on lunch. It takes 1 minute to give me the damn stamp paper. Anyway, my driver asked him nicely a few times and I shake my head a few times and said “please” so he helped me. In order to give me stamp paper (basically it is an empty A4 letter paper with 20 rupees stamp on it), I had to fill a form and tell him my father’s name, my address, etc.

Once I got the stamp paper I had to go to the notary office, which was 10 minutes walk in 95 degrees weather and I had long sleeve shirt. You can imagine how I felt. In the notary office there were about 100 people lined up one next to each other using old typewriters. Oh, that sounds of 100 typewriters will hunt me. Anyway, we asked the notary guy to basically just type on the stamp paper letter to refer to my financial affidavit documentation, which was signed by the HR Director from my office. He complained and the driver and he talked for about 15 minutes, then he finally took the paper put it into the typewriter machine and start typing.

Once he was finished he didn’t want to sign. He wrote that the HR Director from my office needs to sign, which he already did but on the normal paper. Oh, anyway, it is confusing for me to just write about this. I went to some different people and they couldn’t help. Of course they had to charge me.

I went back to the commissioner officer again, and there was a line and of course I had to wait for another hour to get to talk to him. Once he checked the papers (it is a bunt of 10 pounds of paper) he said that he needed another signature and told me to come back on Saturday. I just looked at him and wanted to scream. Screaming wouldn’t help, so I just said that I would be in Goa and that today was my last day to register. He said, “No problem Sir. Come back on Monday and you would need to pay penalty of US$30 dollars”. Yes, another day wasted. As Woody Allen once said:Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable.

After a few conference calls I went for dinner and for some drinks. I got triple scotch with no ice or anything. After my little drink I was calm again and OK. I am ready for the beach and Goa experience this weekend. I heard so many good things about Goa and wife of one of my best friends is from Goa, so that’s why I am visiting Goa first. Then I can’t wait to see New Delhi and Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal, no matter how touristy it might be, is one of my top things to see.




  1. Your commissioner office experience reminds me of dealing with UPS when they lost my computer. Those were two months of my life I will never get back…

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