Posted by: Thomas | April 16, 2008

Day #15 – India

How ironic. All of this time I was wondering how come there are no accidents on roads and everyone is driving crazy and there is lots of traffic. And guess what happened today? An accident. And guess what? I was involved. Yes, unfortunately. Just when the driver was pulling on the highway a bus smashed in the car. I was in the backseat on the left side and the end of the bus hit the car on the right side. I was checking e-mails on my blackberry and suddenly I just heard “boom” and the car moved.

We were waiting for the traffic to clear and while we were standing there the bus just hit us. Oh by the way, I am fine and nothing serious happened to me. I am grateful they can’t drive fast here. There I sat in the car and in the heat of 100 degrees for 2 hours watching two drivers fighting over whose fault it was. Police came. The traffic stopped. Lots of people came to see what happened. A chaos (a state of utter confusion and disorder). I was very calm, although I was on my way to meet he commissioner to register myself here. This is my second day trying to register and there is always something else they want from me. So much paper work here. Unbelievable.

Since the bus drivers don’t make so much money over here, this bus driver could not pay for the damage even though he was guilty. The police officer acknowledged he was guilty and said that he couldn’t pay and he just let him go. The insurance is optional and most of the people or companies dont purchase any. My driver was very pissed off and mad. After 2 hours of this chaos and craziness we continued our journey towards the city. I had to take 5 passport pictures for commissioner.

I had my first personal training session here in Bangalore. The trainers are actually pretty knowledgeable and good. After one hour of training I couldn’t move. Thank God I have a driver who was waiting for me outside. (Oh, I love having my own personal driver – you barely walk. From house to the car, from the car to the office, from the office to the car again, then to the restaurant, the to the car (which is air-conditioned so I don’t sweat here), from the restaurant to the shopping store then to the club and the driver is taking you where ever you want and he waits for you while you are doing your little errands. I don’t know how I would survive here without my driver. And he knows every single corner in the city and around. He doesn’t speak so well English but I just need to tell him what time to pick me up and where to take me. Pretty simple.



  1. OH MY GOD… well I am glad to hear that you are ok.. wow that must have been something, being in the accident and all.. wow..
    So the bus driver really didn’t have to pay for the damages? Doesn’t he work for a company that can pay? That just seems strange to me.. lol

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