Posted by: Thomas | April 13, 2008

Day #12 – India

Another day in my interesting life. Today I was feeding monkeys on the road. One was pregnant actually and wanted to attach me. I gave her a cheap cookie and she didn’t want it, but when I gave her expensive chocolate she wanted more. Even monkey knows what’s good and tasty.Monkey on the Street Monkey on the Street

Why can’t I have a car and a driver like the one on the picture below?

Real Car

Instead this is what I have.


Today I finally found a good restaurant that I liked. I am starving here every single day. Yes, I tried the local Indian food and I couldn’t eat it. Around the offices in E-City there is absolutely nothing. I got special orders and it was OK, but I can not be full and I have to starve until dinner. When dinner comes I eat pizza or whatever. I have tried many different things here and got stomach pain today. I am fine now, but it wasn’t fun earlier today. Here in India there is nothing in the middle. It is either very cheap and bad (not according to what I am used to) or it is very expensive and of course good. For example, hotels under US$50 are worse than hostels in Europe or US, and hotels that are normal and of a higher standard cost over US$300. There are no middle class hotels. The same for restaurants. If you want to eat well you have to pay big.

Tonight was a special party at some elite club. The party was on the roof. It was a very nice place and good music. I met some cool people to dance with. One of the girls really knew how to dance and I had blast tonight. And exactly when you are on the top of happiness, and when you feel the music and want to dance more they shut it down. It is 11:30pm and everyone goes home.

I am ready for another week. Stay tuned.






  1. Today is Wed 4/16 in NYC and it is sunny and in the 60s. Simon, Scotty and I are going to order Korean food for lunch, which got me thinking… have you seen any Korean or Chinese places in Bangalore? Or, more importantly, an Irish Pub? Years ago when I went to Seoul I found an Irish Pub. Kind of. It was called O’Kim’s (fucking hilarious) and in one of the high end hotels, I forget which one. Oh yeah, are there any KFCs in Bangalore?

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