Posted by: Thomas | April 12, 2008

Day #11 – India

Saturday. What to do here in Bangalore on a sunny Saturday? Not much. I joined the gym today. The gym in the complex I am staying at is open only between hours 6am and 9am then between 6pm and 9pm. I cant those hours since I am in a car stuck in traffic to the office in the morning and from the office in the evening. So, I had to join “Fitness One” gym club. They were open longer. Also, I purchased 30 personal training sessions for the next 2 months. It will keep me busy and I can think on something else and hopefully the time will pass by faster.


Today in a restaurant we order big bottle of water and what we got was 1 Kingfisher Indian Beer and 2 glasses. Hm, go and figure. Either it’s our English or they just give you whatever they want.


It was really hot today, over 90 degrees. We walked all over the city to try to find out some interesting things to do. One of the good things here is that massages are good and very cheap. Instead of paying US$100 per hour in New York or sometimes more, here it costs only US$20 dollars. So I am so relaxed almost every day.


Today I did exactly as most of the locals here. Hang out in café bars the whole day and chat with people. Afterwards we went to a club. It was a catastrophe. The club had those neon lights so I was shining big time. Since just before the club I went to get a massage and facial, they used some strong cream on my face, so when I got into the club everyone was looking at me. I though “wow”, I am popular here, then my friend told me that I should not be under the neon light because my whole face was shining and you could see the cream on the face. How embarrassing.


Exactly at 11:00pm police came and said that everyone must go out, and they were not playing. They had guns too. Well, we wanted to continue party so we went to a small shop to buy some alcohol so we can continue at home. The spirit shop was full of people so we went in around 11:45pm. Just when we went in the shop guy closed the door, turned off the light and said to everyone to be very quite. I was like “what the $%#@ is happening”. Apparently it is not allowed to sell the alcohol after 11:30pm in those small shops either, but they still do. Oh, I just wanted to get out immediately. I really don’t have time for this. After a minute or two they switched on the lights and the shop was in business again. Very interesting.


We took the alcohol and said to the tuk-tuk driver to drive us home fast. He took it literally and was driving like crazy in one way street against the traffic. The traffic here in Bangalore is horrible and he was driving against the traffic on a very bumpy and yet not finished road. When we asked him why he was breaking the rule, he said that we wanted to get home fast and this was a shortcut. Oh, I thought I would die in an accident.


What a day. I am seriously thinking about alternatives right now.




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