Posted by: Thomas | April 11, 2008

Day #10 – India

How many people are needed to install simple software like PDI? Usually it takes 2 minutes for 1 person. However, here it takes 5 developers and 2 Network Administrators, a total of 7 people. Well, the developers here don’t have admin rights on their desktops, so one Network Administrator has to log in with his user credentials, then the other administrator needs to verify and install the software and the other 5 developers are just standing around and looking what’s happening. Total time it took to install the software on 5 desktops was 3 hours involving 7 people in total.

Have you noticed how the title of this blog for each day contains the number of the day? No, I am not counting days here at all. Not at all. J

Finally, I discovered a good club. It’s called “Fuga”. Lots of space, lots of people, I really had fun. Usually the club closes at 11:30pm, however, this time it was open all the way until 11:50pm. Oh, man, I had really lots of fun for the entire 2 hours I was there.

Either Bangalore is not ready for me or I am not ready for Bangalore. It’s one or the other.



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