Posted by: Thomas | April 10, 2008

Day #9 – India

Yeah, finally today I moved from the Hotel to the apartment. The apartment is located in Diamond District or “A Heaven for Peace” as they call it, an area in Bangalore. Diamond District has an open space of 6 acres right in the heart of the complex. And with this sort of space, plenty of amenities are provided to the residents and no efforts have been spared on this front. Swimming pool, gym (which is only open from 6am to 9am and from 6pm to 9pm – hours I am busy with something else such as sleeping and being stuck in the traffic), tennis court, basketball court, squash courts, etc. Hm, well, certainly the pictures of this place look much better that the reality. I will talk about this place where I am staying at little later. Pictures are coming soon too. Right now I just want to move back to the hotel.

Most of the internet sites are restricted from the Office. Only between 12:30pm and 2:00pm all sites are accessible (during the lunch time). If you would like to check how market is performing badly in New York or to schedule your next trip to help the economy you have to do it during this allotted time. They also give you 60 minutes of quota time that you can use during other hours of the day. However, each site you can visit is for maximum of 10 minutes. The rest of the day you can browse Share Point if you want to browse internet sites. How exciting.

The pictures below are some pictures of the Office. Approximately 1,200 members work here. It is new and nice building located in E-City (Electronic City).

 Bangalore Office Bangalore Office  

Guess how many people are needed to install simple software such as PDI? I will reveal the answer tomorrow.




  1. Hysterical! The sad part is I am not surprised by any of your “adventures” since I am from a developing country. Imagine when you get back to NYC you are going to miss all this “fun”

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