Posted by: Thomas | April 9, 2008

Day #8 – India

When my senior management back in New York City told me that it is only 30 minutes away to the office, they didn’t mention what means of transportation one would need to take to get to the office so fast. Stupidly I assumed they meant by car, when they probably meant by helicopter. And I never asked to confirm. J It takes like over an hour in this crazy traffic to get to work. I am already over.

So, every day I need to sit in the small car for about 1 hour and a half or sometimes for about 2 hours when I am returning back to the hotel. And all of this time is spent in traffic. People around are honking so much that I can’t even concentrate and read the newspaper. I tried to do some work but it is impossible since the car starts and stops every other second so I get motion sick.

Anyway, another day in the Office. This is getting too much for me. I was sitting at my desk today and working and a waiter came to me. I was like “a waiter?” here at the office. Wow. Anyway, he said to me: “Sir, your special lunch is served at the cafeteria”. I was like “what lunch?”. Yeah, they order a special lunch for me, so I went to the cafeteria, which is located in the basement of the building and there were over 200 people sitting and eating and the waiter pointed me to a special table right in the middle so everyone could stare at me. There was a huge box, diet coke and a bottle of water.

“Diet Coke?”. Hm, is that a sign I need to go on diet and loose wait? Maybe, I need to check with my personal trainer. Anyway, there were lots of food and desert just for me. Wow, this is what I call service and being taken care of. There are so nice here. After lunch I was not allowed to clean the things after me. I wanted to and that’s what I usually do, clean after myself, but they didn’t allow me, those guys took care of everything. It is little bit too much and I feel so uncomfortable, but getting used to this.



  1. poor thing ;-(

    it’ll be over before you know and you’ll be so grateful for the experience!

    just remember “fashion week’s in september. fashion week’s in september.”

    already got your seats reserved 😉

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