Posted by: Thomas | April 8, 2008

Day #7 – India

The day at the Office was successful. I met with a few members that will be working on the project. The welcome I received was exceptional. Everyone is asking me if I need anything. If I don’t drink water they ask me if I am sick or if I would like to have something else instead. The day went pretty fast.

However, to get into the office one has to pass billion of different security checks. First a security guy on the main door, then 2 feet from him there is a receptionist (by the way, incredibly nice and friendly lady), anyway, at the reception you need to sign in, then 5 feet from her there is another lady who asks you for the same information. You need to spend another 10 minutes at her station to fill your name, who you are, what you are here for, who you are here to see, your laptop number. Yes, I need to take out my laptop every single day to show her the laptop number. Then there are a few secured doors you need to open with your access card (and my access card doesn’t work yet because the server was down for a couple of days – yes days, not hours). Then when you are about to go home, the same process again. You need to show the security lady your laptop and she has to confirm that is the same number as it was written on the sign in sheet earlier that morning. Yeah, I am sooooo excited to do this every single day for the next 6 months.

After work we left to “The 13th Floor” again to eat dinner. The food was delicious. There we met a couple of people from Netherlands. They are travelling through India for 4 months and have been here already for 1 month. They told me so many fun stories. They were hilarious. The girl was 21 and he guy was 23. There were siblings. We chatted until 11:30pm since at that time police came and closed the club.

So basically, you work 10-12 hours a day (well, not me, an average person here), then you finish your work around 9pm (again, not me) and you have only 1 hour to go to a bar. Yes, only one hour, since the other hour and a half will be spend in traffic to the bar.

It is so funny how every night I close the club here in India. 🙂 Well, actually nothing new for me, but still.


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