Posted by: Thomas | April 7, 2008

Day #6 – India

Today was a holiday in Bangalore. Indian New Year. The office was closed, but it didn’t stop me of working.

Anyway, there was no cloud on the sky today. Very hot and I love it. OK, here is an example of my conversation with the taxi driver in front of the Hotel I am staying at.

Me >> “Can you take me to The 13th Floor at M.G. Road?”
(Also, I showed him the place in the travel book, which contained the name and the complete address to the place)
Driver >> “The 13th Floor?”
Me >> “Yes, please”
Driver >> “M.G. Road, sir?”
(Another driver came and looking at the travel book and saying M.G. Road)
Me >> “Yes, it is on M.G. Road”
(Note, the M.G. Road is the most famous street here in Bangalore and the main road in the city. Everybody knows where it is.)
Driver >> “The 13th Floor, sir? M.G. Road”
Me >> “Yes, the club/restaurant the 13th floor on M.G. Road. Do you know where it is?”
(Still calm and being patient)
Driver >> “Yes, yes Sir. So you want to go to M.G. Road?”
(By now there were 5 Indian people around saying M.G. Road)
Me >> “YES” (I am already starting loosing it)
Driver >> “The 13th floor, Sir?”
(Hm, the driver is looking at me and I am pointing on the travel guide and telling him for the 4th time that I would like to go to the 13th floor restaurant/club that is located on M.G. Road. Also, this club/restaurant is also very famous here in Bangalore. And he said he knew where it was, so why does he keep asking me over and over again? And why all other drivers have to come to repeat the same thing?)
Me >> (silence) This time I am not saying anything just looking at him
Driver >> “Yes, Sir, I know. M.G. Road”
Me >> “OK, can we go now, please?”
Driver >> “The 13th Floor, M.G. Road, right?”
(OK, now I have lost my patience, but I had controlled myself.) Yes, he took me to the right place. Finally.


Another conversation. I am looking for Brigade Road, which is also in the city center and very famous here in Bangalore. I went to tuk-tuk driver to ask him to take me to the Brigade Road. Here it is how it went:


Me >> “Can you take me to Brigade Road, please?”
Driver >> “Ha?”
Me >> “Brigade Road”
Driver >> “What?”
Me >> “Brigade Road”
(OK, this time I said “Brigade Road” with Indian accent and I moved my head left and right a bit a couple of times. Guess what? The driver understood me perfectly. )
Driver >> “Oh yes, Brigade Road”
Me >> “40 Rupees?” (which is exactly US$1 – that was my suggestion)
Driver >> “30 rupees. OK?”
I gave him 50 rupees. 

So, if anything, I will learn how to be more patient while here in India




  1. Wait, he tried to negotiate you DOWN?

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