Posted by: Thomas | April 6, 2008

Day #5 – India

Since there is not so much to do in the city most of the people are just hanging out around major spots such as M.G. Road (Mahatma Gandhi Road), malls, cafe shops, etc. People here just sit and hang out whole day. Well, today I was looking for Bank of America and what I found was not the bank but rather the Skin Clinic. Wow, the treatments here are so cheap.


The people who know me well will understand the following (e.g. Anand Patil). 🙂 For the rest of you, I am just a man full of good humor. The picture below is the “Before Picture”, and in just a few weeks I will be publishing the “After Picture”. No, I am just kidding. 🙂 (not). The doctor said that I needed 54 units of Botox just for my forehead and around the eyes. I wonder how many whales have to be killed to fill my face. 🙂 Well, joke at the side; I’ve just booked myself for some facial, very safe, treatments for the next 6 months (well, hey, you get a discount if you book a package). No Botox for me (at least at the moment). Whatever God didn’t give me; I’ll just go and buy it. I am just a man with lots of good humor.

I love to eat French Onion soup, and if you are looking for the worse French onion soup here in Bangalore please let me know and I will show you the place. The waiter came and said that he would not charge me for the soup because I didn’t like it (and I didn’t even complain). He said “We will charge you only for the things you liked sir.” Very nice and generous. However, the main Indian course was the best Indian food I have ever tried. The butter bread, chicken and all of those spices were just delicious. I loved the food. Uhhh, I am hungry again.


Most of the day we walked around the city and we saw some very nice and beautiful houses. Of course the traffic is terrible and you have to be very careful. How they drive is insane. I am just puzzled by how come I still haven’t seen any accidents on the roads. Even though they drive very crazy here they can’t drive very fast, so maybe that’s why there are no accidents. Good drivers? Hm, … maybe. This is a small video of Bangalore streets.¤t=Bangalore_20070407_013.flv

Today we went out again to try our luck to see if the next club on our list can make my drink, “French Martini”. Guess what? I haven’t found that club or bartender who could mix the real French martini for me. Even when I told them what’s in it, they didn’t have all of the ingredients. However, the music at the club was great. Lots of people, a guy playing drums and giving it the real Miami beat. All of that fun lasted for an hour, since they close early. But at least I found a place where I can go clubbing. People that were dancing over there? Hm, it looked like a war on the dance floor – No comments.


Also today I have booked my first excursion. Yeah, I am so excited. The destination is Goa. Only for the weekend though since most of the time here I will spend working and there is nothing else to do anyway. Work, work and more work.


Dear reader, I hope you are enjoying reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.


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