Posted by: Thomas | April 5, 2008

Day #4 – India

Nobody here knows how to make my drink. Is it so difficult to make a “French Martini? Am I asking too much? 🙂

Anyway, the day was very sunny and around 90 degrees. We went to the Bannerghatta National Park, which is located about 22 kilometers away from Bangalore. The park is spread over 25,000 acres and had a zoo, a butterfly park, a museum and a sanctuary. There were two safaris to choose from and we chose the Tiger & Lion Safari today. The Grand Safari we left for another time. The Tiger Safari went through the lion inhabited areas and the lions and tigers were all free. The bus was small and the windows were protected by a metal netted fence against the tigers and lions. The door on the bus was slightly agar, and the fence was useless against an attack from a tiger or a lion. Well, these animals are so nice and adorable little cats, and I don’t think they would attack, right? Why would they? They got their food for today (that’s what I have been told from our guide at least). Anyway, to get good pictures and experience something different from the ordinary you have to take the risk. No risk no gain. It’s as simple as that.

I took very good pictures. We were like 2 feet away from the lions and tigers. There were just resting in the shadow and relaxing. Below you can see some pictures of these amazingly beautiful cats.

 Lions resting in open wild Tiger White Tiger

I really want one as a pet. We saw also small tigers, little baby ones, but there were protected in the cage. The safari ride took only one hour and the rest of the day we spent in the zoo and the area. Monkeys were jumping and running all over the place and finding food in trash cans. No, this time they didn’t steal my ice cream like they did when i was in Malaysia. We also rode elephants. Well, the elephant safari in Thailand that I took a few years ago was much better. This elephant ride was only for 5 minutes around a circle. In Thailand the elephant safari was for a half a day and you ride through the jungle. Anyway, I will find those rides here too. They must have it.

 Monkey found food Elephants Elephants are drinking water Elephant joy ride 

Snake park was good too. The picture below is of an Indian Cobra snake. Very dangers and poison snake. I saw two snakes fighting. That was cool. They had all other animals such as birds, crocodiles, etc. Anyway, after the safari we went back to Bangalore. Here are some pictures from the city so you get the picture. The people are very friendly and helpful. However, today I have learned that the Karnataka state, where Bangalore is located, is an area of instability in India according to web page. That’s why we witnessed a couple of days ago the water war between this and the neighbored state. Hm …

 Indian Cobra Somewhere in the city of Bangalore A cow crossing the street Traffic in Bangalore

We took tuk-tuk to one of the clubs here and it was OK, but i need a real drink. I really do. Oh, yeah, tuk-tuk is the Southeast Asian version of a vehicle known elsewhere as a cabin cycle. It is a widely used form of urban transportation here in Bangalore. Tuk-tuk or the “three-wheelers” can be found on all roads in Bangalore. The club was just OK and of course it closed at 11pm. They said that the clubs might get the permit to be open longer than 11pm after the election, which is about to take place this month. Well, I hope to see that. The highlight of the day was to see those tigers and lions so close by. There are amazing animals. So cute little cats.



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