Posted by: Thomas | April 4, 2008

Day #3 – India

When we finished the breakfast around 10:30am on this beautiful Friday morning on April 4th, 2008 a person came to us and said that our driver was ready and was waiting for us outside. Oh, I love this and will certainly miss this back in New York. The driver in New York costs about US $1,000 a week. I can’t afford it yet. Our first stop was the Bangalore Palace.

Situated in the heart of the city between Jayamahal and Sadashivnagar the Bangalore Palace was built in 1880. It was very nice and old palace with Gothic windows, fortified towers, arches, battlement, turreted parapets and carved woodwork with over 430 acres and build-up area of 45,000 square feet. Today’s King of this area lives in this palace. He has apparently 3 palaces. Well, as the matter of fact the King himself was at the palace when we arrived. We asked the guide to introduce us to the King. He laughed and said that that might be arranged. He showed us different parts of the palace. I got some very nice pictures. We had to pay Rs. 500 just to take pictures (about US $13). The King was sitting in his living room and we were just outside his door. I guess this is possible only in India. We opened the door just a little bit and sneaked in. Then a security guy came and ruined everything. I just saw some chars and heard someone in the room (my guess is that the King was together with his Queen). In any case, the experience was good and amazing. Bangalore Palace Panorama view of Bangalore Palace

After the palace we drove around the city. We visited Cubbon Park, Government Museum, and had lunch at Hard Rock Café. Guess who they have in the middle of the cafe as a big icon? Yes, of course, one and only, the Queen of Rock, Tina Turner. Tina Turner, Bangalore

It was raining today so we could not be outside so much. After the lunch we went back to the hotel room, dismissed the driver for the day and asked him to pick us up tomorrow at 10am. Tomorrow we are going to visit Bannerghatta National Park and go on Grand and Tiger safari. Yeah, I can’t wait. My goal is to pet the little tiger baby tomorrow. Let the adventures begin.

Clubbing? Hm, I have one word for you – sad. No, actually I have 2 words for you – very sad. 😦 In the tourist book the club called “The Club 13th Floor” was mentioned as a good one. We went there to check it out. The view from 13thfloor was nice and that’s about it. After having just a drink we went to another club close by, and that one was a disaster. We found another club called “Tiger” and it was OK. However, the drinks they make are “water-down” drinks. They measure everything and the drinks are not strong at all, however, they charge you Rs. 600 (about US$15) per drink. The same price as in New York. Clubbing scene here is sooooo sad. Everything is closing at 11:30pm. So sad … I miss New York, and as soon as I land in New York I will go to a club directly from the airport. So, what better to do on a Friday night at 1:30am but to write this blog?


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