Posted by: Thomas | April 3, 2008

Day #2 – India

Disaster. I thought yesterday was bad, but today is extremely bad. Today I went to the office, which was very nice and enormous. Approximately 1,200 employees work in the Bangalore office. Everyone was very nice and friendly. Louise, who is responsible for travellers, was very helpful. However, just after we finished our lunch at one of the hotels, which was located very close to the office, there was a shot gun. All I could see was lots of people running and screaming. I didn’t realize what was going on, but then I saw bunch of people throwing stones and breaking windows on cars and buses. People were jumping of the buses and running all over the places. Three big buses were totally destroyed and all of this was happening 10 feet from where I was standing. Police came, fired some gun shots, broken glass was everywhere, and I was wondering what just happened. Apparently, there are some interstate problems regarding water supplies.

Anyway, we continued our day and started search for the apartment. We found one that was located in Diamond District. A great and very safe location. The facility has swimming pool, health club, gym, squash courts, tennis court, etc. Very nice building. The best feature of the apartment is the personal cook. 🙂 Well, all was nice (we’ll see how it is when I move in). I am moving in on April 10th, so until then I am stuck in a hotel. I will post some pictures later on this weekend. Another day in amazing India.



  1. I’ll send you a bulletproof vest next week. Be careful out there.

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