Posted by: Thomas | April 2, 2008

On my way to Bangalore, India

Well, this is my very first blog and I have no idea who you are who is reading this, but I am hoping you will enjoy. I will try to be short, and straight to the point. This blog is basically about my adventures in India.

I left the amazing and the most incredible city on this planet, New York City, at about 6pm on March 25th, 2008. After about just 8 hours I was in Denmark. It took me a couple of additional hours to get to my parents town called Olofstrom, Sweden. It was very nice to see my parents, my brother, sister-in-law and my little dear nephew who is only 9 months at the moment. The time flew fast. However, it was time well spent. After a few days in Sweden, Denmark and Germany (yes, I stopped in Frankfurt to visit my former colleagues from my previous project. Amazingly they still remembered my name :-)). Anyway, it still didn’t hit me that I am going to Bangalore, India for 6 months and it is for work and not pleasure. Well, I am good in combining those two together, so I think I’ll be OK. The flight was OK. I was working on a project plan, so the time just flew by (yes, indeed how time flies when you have fun). Anyway, when I arrived my bags that have priority tags on came last. These airlines now-days, don’t pay attention for priority tags. I guess the bags didn’t fly business. Oh, well. Bringing just necessary stuff with me

On the airport there stood a man with a sign with my name on. Apparently that was my driver. When I told him the name of the hotel and double checked that he knew the place, he assured me that he knew where the hotel was and that all was under control. However, 2 seconds after he called someone to check where the hotel was, and then he asked me if I had the address. Hm, well, I am ready for this adventure.



  1. Hi Thomas,
    I am really enjoying reading about your days there in india… But I just had to comment on your t-shirt. That is soooo funny. Keep the blogs coming!

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