Posted by: Thomas | April 2, 2008

Day #1 – India

My first day started very well. For breakfast I ordered orange juice and I got melon juice. I ordered scrambled eggs without bacon and I got boiled eggs and bacon. I ordered tee without milk and I got coffee with milk. Hm, I got nothing I ordered. Patience.

Today’s goal was to get to know the city. I really didn’t see so much today, since the first building next to the hotel was a Spa shop. Very cheap and good service. I spent half a day and it cost me only a few dollars. The other half I spent in a club in the hotel where I am staying at. You have to go party early here in this country since the happy hour is from 11am till 5pm, and then the clubs are open from 7pm till 11:30pm. Yeah, I already miss New York City and this is only my first day. Tomorrow I am going to the office and to look at some apartments. Wish me good luck. 🙂



  1. Hysterical laughter!!! Keep blogging,

  2. Dude, what the f-ck are you doing in Bangalore?

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